How Many Glasses of Champagne in a Bottle

If you are planning an event where champagne is served you will need to understand how many glasses of champagne are in a bottle. The answer depends on several factors, but the short answer is there are 6 glasses of champagne in a bottle.

That answer assumes your bottle is 750 millilitres in volume (size) and your glasses are standard champagne glasses where you pour 125 millilitres into each glass. Therefore 750 divided by 125 equals the answer of 6!

However, like many things in life the answer is not always that simple. You need to consider different sizes of champagne bottles and different sizes of champagne glasses.

You also need to consider why you are filling the champagne glass. Is it to serve at an event, meal, cocktail party etc. Or are you wanting to make a toast at a wedding?

When making a toast, it is common to not fill the glass up, therefore you can get many more glasses from a single bottle.

There are a lot of different champagne bottle sizes, starting with the standard 750 ml all the way up to the the 30 litre one. It is common to find Magnum (1,5 l) or Jeroboam (3l) bottles on the market and they represent a way to get many more glasses from the single larger bottle.

Talking about how much glasses per bottle, there are some official guidelines: the standard bottle (0,75 l) consists of 6 glasses of Champagne, the Magnum (1,5 l) 12 glasses and the Jeroboam (3 l) 24 glasses. This means that you can pour 7-8 glasses per liter of Champagne, so it could be an easy way to write figures.

Champagne Bottle SizeNumber of Glasses
Standard (750 ml)6
Magnum (1.5 litres)12
Jeroboam (3 litres)24
How many glasses of champagne in a bottle?
How many glasses of champagne in a bottle?

6. If you are using standard champagne bottle of 750 millilitres and champagne glasses of 125 millilitres, then you will get 6 glasses of champagne from a single bottle. 750 divided by 125 equals 6.

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