Hello, I’m Carlos Flood. I am a wine writer and the wine editor for The Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

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I have been writing about wine since 2008, but my love affair with all things grape started much earlier: when I was barely old enough to pick up a glass of vino at family dinners. As a food and drink journalist, my goal is simple: to help people know more about what they are drinking by providing them with information that will inform their decisions.

What is All the Hype About?

Wine enthusiasts and wine lovers are spread all across the globe. Everybody wants to know more about their favorite wines and discover new ones. EulogyBar is the right place to approach when you are keen to discover the secrets and unknown information about wines.

Objectives & Mission

At EulogyBar, we have made it our objective to consolidate the knowledge and expertise of the wine community on this site targeted solely for wine geeks and enthusiasts. Professional and experienced wine writers write high-end and authentic wine articles.

Our Vision

We have been into wine writing since 2008. Thus, we have given a lot of people an insight into what they are consuming while drinking wine. Our vision is straightforward. While wine may appear just as another alcoholic beverage to people out there, wine enthusiasts understand its true worth.

Wine can be one way you can explore the glamour and the beauty of the world; And with EulogyBar’s wine articles, ‘the right wine to pick’ will become clear to you. We want people to have the necessary wine information before picking one.

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The Team & Their Expertise

All the articles on EulogyBar are curated after extensive research, fact checked for credibility and authenticity. We have writers from all areas of the wine world. This includes chefs, caterers, wine industry experts, wine producers, and a slew of super fans.
Learning, we feel, is the key to success. We establish high standards for ourselves and rely on our editors’ demonstrated competence and expertise as tasters and reviewers of the wine. As a result, our only goal is to provide individuals with a better understanding of wine to choose the best for themselves.