How to Build a Diamond Wine Rack: A Step-by-Step Guide

A wine rack can be a decorative way to store your wine. Though it may not be easy, the effort is worth your time. 

If you’re interested in building a diamond wine rack to store your wine, this article is for you! We will discuss how to design the racks and build them with step-by-step instruction so that anyone can do it easily at home without expensive tools or materials.

How To Build A Diamond Wine Rack

Step 1: Measuring And Designing

you’ll design the diamond rack to be 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide. This will allow for a wine bottle per row on each shelf, which leaves me with five shelves total. 

You want it to be sturdy so that it doesn’t topple over when you put something heavy or tipsy like my wife after learning how to open wine bottle without opener last summer.

so you are going to measure out two-by-fours at an inch thick and cut them into twenty pieces just shorter than the width of my table saw blade plus one additional piece because you always need at least one extra board in case there are any issues during cutting (so they’re 21″ long). 

Then, using a pencil attached to the end of a tape measure, you’ll mark off the cutting line on the boards.

Step 2: Painting The Boards

The boards are going to be painted with a primer and then will need two coats of paint. The first coat should go on relatively quickly because you don’t want the wood grain showing through too much, so I would use a brush rather than spray painting. 

If you have four minutes in between, that’s all it takes for one coat! Once that dries (give it an hour), then apply another layer and let dry overnight before moving onto step three. 

This is to ensure that they last as long as possible while not attracting pests or pets like my dog who thinks anything white must taste delicious!

Step 3: Making The Diamonds

This is the fun part! You can get creative with different shapes and styles, but they should be built in a diamond configuration.

I made mine out of cardboard first to make sure they were even size-wise before cutting them on the bandsaw then sanding down any rough edges.

Fun fact: you use double the amount of diamonds as boards because each one covers two panels so plan accordingly when making your board cuts hours earlier.

Step 4: Fitting The Diamonds

This is the most time-consuming process. I’ve made a few wine racks in my life, and this one has been by far the hardest to get right!

The measurements for each diamond must be perfect or else you’ll have gaps that need filling (or more diamonds). 

This took me many hours of measuring, cutting, sanding, and re-measuring before they fit correctly. 

Definitely do not skip these steps because it’s worth it when your finished product looks great on your wall but make sure you keep going slowly so nothing gets messed up along the way.

How Do You Make A Criss-Cross Wine Rack?

To make a criss-cross wine rack, you’ll need to measure your board width and divide it in half. Then mark the center of that line at least one inch from each end to create two equal lines on either side of the middle point. 

The space between these points is where you’ll place your diamonds so take some measurements before cutting them out with a jigsaw for an accurate fit!

How Do You Make A Simple Wooden Wine Rack?

To make a simple wine rack, you’ll need to start by measuring your board width and dividing that number in half.

 Then cut the centerline out of one side with a jigsaw so it’s just long enough for all of your desired bottles plus two inches on either end. 

From here, measure how deep each space is going to be before cutting out at least four sides from the adjacent piece of wood (leaving an inch or so for spacing). 

After this, screw together both pieces using screws every six inches or less depending on how snugly they fit.

What Is The Best Wood For Wine Racks?

The best wood for wine racks is plywood. The main reason why most people choose this type of material is that it’s relatively inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store or DIY home improvement center!

How Do I Make A Wine Rack In My Closet?

The first thing you need to do is measure the height and width of your closet. This will help you figure out how many boards are needed for the project.

 You can purchase these at any hardware store or lumber yard, but they might be pricier than just buying a pre-cut section from elsewhere like Home Depot (if that’s what you have locally).

How Do You Build A Wine Rack Under Stairs?

The first step is to locate the two walls on either side of where you want your wine rack. Then, measure how wide it will be and mark off that space on the wall with painter’s tape or something else temporary but visible as a guide for when attaching boards in place.

Next, lay down some plywood scraps (or other materials) onto which you can screw pieces of wood securely into place without any risk of damaging anything behind them- this might include drywall if there are no studs!

Now plan out what shape your wine shelves should take by using cardboard cutouts, and once happy drill pilot holes through both sides before assembling the whole thing together with screws.

How To Build A Wine Rack Lattice?

You can put a diamond wine rack in your kitchen or dining room. The process for building one is fairly straightforward and will only take an hour to complete, with the exception of shopping time!


the diamond wine rack is a fun project to do with your friends and family. 

There are many ways you can build one, but the best way is by using this step-by-step guide that I have written for you.

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