Can I Bring A Wine Opener On A Plane

Do you have a favorite wine that you enjoy drinking with your friends? If so, have you ever wanted to bring a bottle on the plane but didn’t know if it would be allowed?

 Don’t worry we’ve got the answer for you! In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether or not you can bring a wine opener on airplanes and how to travel with your favorite drink.

TSA And Wine Openers

There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to bringing food and drink on planes, but wine is an exception!

However, the TSA has strict guidelines for what type of travel bottle opener you can bring. The keyword here is “travel.” So if you’re planning on opening your favorite wine at home afterward, just be prepared that this may not work.

The first thing to know about whether or not you can bring a wine opener with you onto the plane is what kind of device they allow in carry-on luggage. 

For liquids (including alcohol), containers must have less than three ounces or 100 milliliters per item. these items also need to fit inside a quart-sized baggie so there’s no chance anything will leak.

Wine openers are usually less than three ounces and will fit in a quart-sized baggie, so it’s possible to bring one on the plane with you! 

However, keep in mind that there may be limitations as far as what type of wine opener can come through security checkpoints. 

TSA Security Checkpoint Guidelines state that you can’t carry knives or box cutters onto planes. So if your wine opener has blades or is sharp at all, this could make things difficult for getting to your destination.

What Type Of Corkscrew Should I Pack?

Blind wine openers are a great option if you’re traveling and want to avoid any potential damage, but they don’t work on all types of bottles. 

There are also the much more time-consuming corkscrews with two levers that must be operated by hand these can take up too much space in your luggage, so make sure it fits within airline guidelines before packing one! 

Finally, there is an electric screwpuller which will cost a bit more but has no need for manual effort or additional tools. These require batteries to function properly and may not fit inside TSA regulations for what liquids are allowed through security checkpoints at airport terminals.

Eu’S Take On Carry-On Corkscrews

Carry-on Corkscrews in the EU are restricted by size and weight. Airlines will generally allow a corkscrew with two levers, but anything else must be checked as luggage. 

Some airlines do not permit any corkscrew at all on board which should always be stated before booking your flight ticket if you require it.

Some of the best options for carrying these through security checkpoints include standard wine openers that easily fit into pockets or purses without additional pieces to worry about, electric screwpullers (in some circumstances), and blind wine openers where you can pack an extra one inside your suitcase to ensure it remains leak-free!

What About Other Bottle Openers?

In some cases, such as in the United States and Canada, a knife may be allowed on board instead of a corkscrew. 

Some countries even allow for certain types of utility knives to be carried on because they lack blades that can cut things! 

But most other bottle openers are not permitted or need permission from your airline before you fly with them. You should contact your specific air carrier if you’re unsure about what is acceptable on their flights.

Pack On Your Own Consideration

If you’re not sure what the rules are about bringing a wine opener on an airplane, it’s best to contact your airline before packing one.

This is because no two airlines have identical guidelines for carry-on items and they change often! The safest route is always contacting them directly so that you can be informed of their policies.

Can You Put A Corkscrew In Hold Luggage?

You’re not allowed to put a corkscrew in your checked luggage or hold baggage. So it’s best to pack one in your carry-on luggage instead! In the unlikely event that you accidentally packed yours, but can’t get into your bag for some reason, then contact the airline and see if they’ll let you take it on board with you. 

But most airlines don’t allow this because of security concerns so be sure to check before packing one first!

How Do You Use A Travel Wine Opener?

The best part about travel wine openers is that they’re so easy to use! All you need to do is remove the foil.

 That’s it! You don’t have to worry about cutting or tearing anything and there is no risk of spilling, like with a traditional corkscrew.

How Do You Use A Cheap Plastic Wine Opener?

There are many different types of wine openers on the market. Some of them have a corkscrew and others just use an electric drill to pierce through the cork (not recommended for those with delicate noses!).

 But cheap plastic wine openers can be very useful if you’re looking for something lightweight, portable, or inexpensive!

Can I Take Metal Objects On A Plane?

If you’re on a plane, there are some restrictions that might prevent you from traveling with your metal objects. 

For example, if the object is sharp or pointed enough to pose an obvious security threat then it’s not allowed in the cabin of the aircraft. Also banned: any battery-operated device containing more than two AA (or equivalent) batteries.

 pressure vessels such as aerosol cans and scuba tanks. fragile items that could be broken by baggage handlers or other passengers during flight.

Can I Take A Yeti Cup On An Airplane?

There is a big chance that you can take your Yeti Cup on an airplane. Most airlines have the size and weight requirements for carry-on items. 

You’ll need to check with the airline about their specific policy, but many will allow one or two cups as long as they’re empty and stored in a soft case like a cloth bag.


You know what to do so you can remember these rules for the next time you go through security. 

The TSA website has a lot of information about traveling with alcohol, and it might be worth checking out before your next flight if you’re not sure if they’ll let your wine opener in the cabin or not. 

And as always, try being nice when dealing with airport staff it’s been scientifically proven that people who are more polite make other people happier than those who aren’t! Happy travels!

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