How To Remove A Cork From A Corkscrew

If you love wine and need to remove a cork from a corkscrew this article is for you! I’m going to walk through the process of removing a cork from your corkscrew so you do not damage the cork. There are many reasons you may want to save the cork.

Be sure to read my guide on wine aeration so you can fully enjoy your bottle of fine wine once it is open. Here are four ways to remove a cork:

Remove A Cork From A Wine Opener

When removing a cork from a simple corkscrew, remove the cork by placing one hand on top and using the other to remove any excess pressure.

To remove it completely, twist or pull with both hands until all but an inch is left in the bottleneck. If this does not release it, try twisting instead – do NOT force if still stuck! This may take some jiggling around before coming loose.

Remove A Cork From A Winged Corkscrew

To remove the cork from a Winged Corkscrew, hold the cork firmly in your non-dominant hand. With your dominant hand, twist the corkscrew and gently but firmly pull up. If this does not release it after some jiggling around, remove any excess pressure to remove as much of the cork as possible before trying again.

If still stuck:

Remove any remaining Cork pieces that are in the bottleneck using your finger or towel/cloth (do NOT use a knife). Hold the end of the corkscrew close to the body for stability when removing these pieces do not extend your arm!

Use pliers if necessary to remove further stubborn bits inside the bottleneck.

This should only be used as a last resort because this can damage corkscrews due to its pointed ends.

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Remove A Cork From A Lever Corkscrew

A lever corkscrew is a type that most people are familiar with. It usually has a long wooden handle, and it can be difficult to remove the cork from this kind of corkscrew if you do not know how. So here’s what to do:

First, remove any excess pressure on the cork by loosening or removing the screw at the bottom of the bottle – place one hand over top and twist counterclockwise in order to loosen up enough space so as not to break off anything else inside (usually very little).

If no moving parts exist then just remove your arm when there is still some form of resistance left before trying again.

Remove A Cork From An Ah-So Wine Opener

The Ah-So Wine Opener is more of a traditional one that resembles something you might see in medieval times.

It consists of two metal rings, with the larger ring on top and then the smaller, thinner corkscrew underneath it to remove any wine cork from a bottle.

How To Use A Waiter’s Corkscrew

The waiter’s corkscrew is your standard one with a four-sided spiral twisting around an axis. It usually has some form of the handle and the end consists of two parts: a screw that goes inside the cork to remove it from its place, plus another piece on top to remove any excess material left behind in order for you to pour wine or other drinks into glasses.

It is important not to apply too much pressure when using this type because oftentimes they can break off instead of removing the entire cork successfully.

The goal should be more about removing all but a small amount so as not to cross-contaminate anything else afterward outside of natural oxidation occurring through time with exposure.

How To Use A Pocket Corkscrew

The pocket corkscrew has three parts: two arms for holding onto bottle caps while screwing in or out, plus another piece on top designed specifically for extracting wine bottles.

This second part usually consists of four blades that are intended to open up at different points inside the neck until they get close enough to remove the cork successfully.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

The person who is using a pocket corkscrew should always have some sort of cloth on hand so that they can remove any excess particles from the newly extracted wine bottle before it touches anything else like their clothes or table surfaces.

The same goes for wiping down the inside edges of a previously used one too if at all possible. This will help to avoid cross-contamination and also maintain freshness by preventing microorganisms from building up over time.

It might not seem like a lot but even minuscule amounts left behind could eventually add up, especially when other bottles are opened afterward as well without being cleaned first ahead of time.

How To Use A Wing Corkscrew

The person who is using the wing corkscrew should make sure that it’s firmly inserted into the wine bottle as this will help to ensure that there are no accidents and they get all of their intended purchase out.

They can then twist the device in order to remove any excess particles from the surface, but only if they have some sort of cloth on hand so that they don’t dirty anything else with the first or leave behind unwanted bits when finished.

This would apply for both cardboard or metal ones accordingly and helps maintain freshness by preventing microorganisms from building up over time plus imparts an extra level of cleanliness on top of everything too without being too difficult overall in either case.

How To Use An Electric Corkscrew

One of the best and easiest ways to remove a cork from a wine bottle is by using an electric corkscrew. It plugs into an outlet in order to operate which means no batteries or charging needs!

This makes it super convenient for those who may not have easy access to electricity or don’t want anything extra cluttering their countertop space at home.

The design has been especially improved over time with two prongs that allow for much better insertion than some other models out there too.

How To Use A Counter Mount Corkscrew

A counter mount corkscrew is great for those who don’t want to remove their entire set of knives from the wall in order to place this on it.

The corkscrew essentially attaches to a table with the help of prongs and then you use its threaded base as your handle while pulling up towards yourself.

This makes it especially useful because now there’s no need for any awkward grasping or balancing which means more control over how smoothly things go.

How To Remove Cork From Rabbit Wine Opener

Rabbit wine openers are also called “pourers.” These work in a similar way to the lever to remove the cork from the corkscrew, but with one major difference: they can even remove a very tightly sealed cork without breaking it! This is because of its twisting motion that forces liquid into and backs out of the bottle’s neck before pulling up on it so as to loosen or break off the seal there.

People who purchase these models know what an excellent product this is for opening any type of sealed container which makes them great for those who like their drinks chilled too!


The removed cork from the corkscrew is a tool that has come to be regarded as the most popular wine opener around. It allows people to remove any type of sealed container without breaking it, meaning that even those who like their drinks chilled can find a use for them.

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