How Long Can Wine Be Stored Upright?

How long can wine be stored upright? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you may think. 

There are a number of factors that contribute to how long your wine will stay fresh and tasty, including the type of cork used on the bottle, exposure to light, temperature fluctuations, and more.

In this article, we will explore these factors in detail so that you can make sure that your wines last as long as possible!

How Long Can Wine Be Stored Upright

Are You Storing Your Wine Wrongly?

Storing your wine upright can help it last longer.

If you are storing the bottle in an area that is exposed to light, then move it away from any windows or bright lights so that the contents do not spoil as quickly.

You should also be sure to keep a consistent temperature when storing your wines, for example, if temperatures vary by more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 Celsius) between day and night time storage periods, this may have negative effects on how long they stay fresh.

Do Red and White Wines Need To Be Stored Differently?

No, if you are storing red and white wines in the fridge (as they should be) then it will not have any negative effects on them.

Unique Wine Storage Ideas to Class up Your Home?

If you want to store wine in a unique way, there are several options.

The first would be to attach an attractive or ornamental hook near the edge of your ceiling and hang it from there.

 If this is not possible then try attaching one on the wall above cabinets where the bottles can best benefit from air circulation and room temperature storage conditions. 

The third option is simply placing them inside decorative baskets that won’t move around as much when opened up for use. 

You could also just place them out in plain sight at eye level so you don’t have to search through closets or pantries for what you need!

In addition to storing wine upright, what are some other important storage tips?

  • Always store white wines in refrigeration, especially if they’re not already cold from being on ice or shipped with an ice pack.
  • Avoid storage of red wines for longer than one year (especially after opening).
  • It is necessary to chill imports whenever possible as well! Never allow them to be too warm either before serving or while drinking. With these simple tips, you’ll never have trouble finding your next favorite vintage again!

Why ​is Wine Stored ​on its Side?

Wine is traditionally stored in this manner because it reduces exposure to damaging light and helps preserve its quality.

 It also decreases oxidation so that the taste doesn’t change as much over time, which is why white wines should be kept upright or refrigerated after opening while reds can keep for up to one year before they begin to oxidize and spoil.

What Kind of Wine Storage System Should I Get?

If you’re looking for storage solutions other than an expensive custom cellar design, there are some viable alternatives available at your local big-box store!

 Oftentimes these types of stores will offer differently sized racks, bins, and shelves that are designed to hold wine bottles on their side.

Does Wine Go Bad Standing Up?

The answer to this question is an emphatic no. Wine, like any food product, will not spoil if it’s kept in good condition and refrigerated at the proper temperature. 

That said, wine that has been opened needs to be consumed within a few days or stored upright in order for it to maintain its quality. 

White wines should also be chilled after opening while reds can keep for up to one year before they begin to oxidize and spoil.

Should Wine Be Stored Vertically Or Horizontally?

The type of wine you buy will determine how it should be stored. A rule of thumb is that white wines can stand upright while reds should always be laid on their side to maintain the quality.

How Do You Store Unopened Wine?

An unopened bottle of wine should be stored upright in a cool, dark place. Refrigerators with a temperature between 32 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit are the ideal environment to store wine for an extended period of time.

Most experts recommend storing opened bottles on their side in order to maintain quality. If you’re short on space, try stacking them vertically like books instead of laying each one flat so they don’t take up as much room.

If your home has a cellar or storage area that’s kept at 60-65F it may be appropriate to keep open wines there but only if the humidity is monitored by placing containers full of water next to the bottles and making sure they don’t evaporate completely (as this will dry out both the air and any nearby corks).

Some people prefer keeping unopened bottles on their side, which is a good option if you have enough room. 

This position will also reduce the risk of wine spilling and staining clothes or furniture in your home when bottles are being carried to another area (or if one falls).

How Do You Store Wine For Years?

When storing wine for years, the key is to avoid fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Wine should be stored at temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (ideally between 45-50 degrees).

The relative humidity of your storage area or cellar should also be monitored so that it’s not too dry (which would cause cork shrinkage) or moist (which could spoil corks if they aren’t sealed properly before putting them away).

If you’re concerned about space, try hanging bottles upside down from a wire rack this will prevent sediment from falling into the bottle while still giving the wine ample room to breathe as air passes through its neck.

Where Is The Best Place To Store Wine In Your Home?

The best place to store wine depends on how much space you have. There are many types of appliances that you can purchase to help store wine, these are generally known as “wine refrigerators” or “cellars.”

If the cellar is in your home, make sure that it has a consistent temperature of about 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


This concludes the post on how long wine can be stored upright. In this blog, you learned about what factors affect how long a bottle of wine will last and some precautions to take when storing your bottles of wine.

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